September 25 – 28, 2016 | HALIFAX Marriott Harbourfront


Visiting Halifax


Temperatures in Halifax during the autumn months range on average between Mid September to mid November: 10 – 20 degrees Celsius range (50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit)The air is cool, and residents usually wear a sweater or light jacket.

Time Zone

The provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia reckon time specifically as an offset of 4 hours from Greenwich Mean time (GMT-4). Prince Edward Island and small portions of Quebec (eastern Côte-Nord and the Magdalen Islands) are also part of the Atlantic Standard Time Zone.

Emergency Information

Emergency: 911
Poison Information Centre: 902 428-8161
Halifax Fire Services: 902 490-5585
Halifax Police: 902 490-5016


English and French are commonly spoken, as well as some Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Vietnamese.


Smoking is prohibited in all public places such as municipal properties (parks, playgrounds, beaches, sports fields, outdoor areas around city facilities).