September 25 – 28, 2016 | HALIFAX Marriott Harbourfront

Goodbye, ERM – it’s time to go

Risk Management and Fraud Detection - All Hands on Deck
27 Sep 2016
10:25 - 11:20
Acadia Ballroom ABC

Goodbye, ERM – it’s time to go

The only way your child will truly grow up is when you kick him/her out of the house.  It needn’t necessarily be abrupt but, at some point, they simply must leave the nest, find their way and, most importantly, grow into their full potential.  Sure, they can come back once in a while to visit and/or to seek nourishment and advice.  But then they need to head back out in order to truly find their path to full maturity.  And so it goes with ERM (and/or robust, risk assessment processes).

There are a lot of ERM adolescents and young adults still living at home – but it’s time.  Time for them to leave the nest of internal audit and/or the risk management function so that they can grow into their full potential as embedded, impactful and valuable members of the organization’s performance culture and systems.  Of course it’s hard for any parent to let go but, when you look around and see how other families have done it with resounding success, you may then look at your kid on the couch, smile and say – it’s time to go.

So, if you sense that it’s time for your ERM program to spread its wings and fly, attend this session for proven strategies to coax them successfully from the nest.  Fortunately, many have gone before wherein we’ll explore their strategies for success, challenges encountered and key lessons learned.  With these insights in hand, you’ll be able to prepare your organization’s ERM program for true, durable and sustained success – plus, your milk budget will go down.