September 25 – 28, 2016 | HALIFAX Marriott Harbourfront

Enterprise Risk Management

27 Sep 2016
14:55 - 15:50
Acadia Ballroom ABC

Enterprise Risk Management

In today’s continued challenging and complex economic environment, a new era in the way organizations approach governance, risk identification, management and mitigation has begun.

Organizations now recognize that risks are more complex, not stand-alone but rather interconnected, and potentially more devastating than ever before. As a result, many boards and senior executives are changing the way they think about managing risks throughout their organization. This session will look at where risk management is heading and the evolving role and responsibilities of internal audit, senior management and the board, including:

  • Establishing a greater understanding of entity-wide risks and risk-oversight responsibilities
  • Failings of the traditional approach to risk management
  • The future of governance and risk management: the role of senior management and the Board
  • The role of internal audit in assisting the organization manage their risk exposures
  • The evolving risk oversight responsibilities of the Board