September 25 – 28, 2016 | HALIFAX Marriott Harbourfront

Navigating the Future

In a time of rapid change, where trust in corporate and public leadership is faltering and new and complex risks are emerging, Internal Audit can add exceptional value.

Embark on an educational journey rich with insights for internal auditors
at every level.

Expand your network, deepen your knowledge of internal audit and experience the sights and multicultural offerings of Nova Scotia!

The 8th Annual Canadian National Conference of The Institute of Internal Auditors will help you and your team “Navigate the Future” by connecting  you with exceptional key note speakers, panelists and thought leaders who will share insights on issues impacting the profession across four streams of learning.

This year’s tracks:

  • Risk Management and Fraud Detection – All Hands on Deck!
  • Set Sail to Inspiring Leadership and Leading Practices
  • Perspectives in Public Sector Auditing
  • Steering Toward Current IT Trends and Risks for the Business Auditor

Click on the track titles below to see all programming within that track.

Perspectives in Public Sector Auditing
Risk Management and Fraud Detection - All Hands on Deck
Setting Sail to Inspiring Leadership and Leading Practices
Steering Toward Current IT Trends and Risks for the Business Auditor

Value for Money Auditing in the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario

By encouraging improvements in the delivery of public services and recommending ways for the provincial government to achieve greater value-for-money in its programs and services, our work plays a key...
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Bonnie Lysyk

Putting the Internal Audit Value Proposition into Action: A Story of Transformation

While effectively Navigating the Future one learns from the past.  This is a case study in Transformation in the Public Sector that will provide practical insight into to navigating transformation....
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Dena Palamedes

Doing more with less: Maximizing internal audit’s value with better risk intelligence

With fewer resources, internal audit is being asked to do more to support effective risk management, conduct audits that add value, and help the organization move forward with greater agility...
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François-Michel Brière
Sarah Lyons
Hassan Qureshi
Dean Shivji

Embedding Risk Management – A Rigorous Process, Remaining Nimble and Aligned Towards the End Game

Risk Managers benefit from a background in Internal Audit.  Furthermore, auditors can benefit from the work of Risk Management. Together, these functions can help organizations to reduce risk and effectively...
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John Delaney

Communicating the results of our work externally to get action – Improving internal communications

This presentation will focus on our innovation in how we present the results of our audit work to our audiences:  members of the House of Assembly, the general public, and...
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Michael A. Pickup

Helping the Project Management Team…Without Sounding Like a Pessimist

Projects occur in all types of organizations and, as governments look to renew aging infrastructure, and companies consider ways to expand into new markets or revitalize operations, the Internal Audit...
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Leah White

Finding the First Domino – The Key to Root Cause

Session description will be available soon.  
Robert Mainardi

The Performance Continuum – IA’s Evolving Role in Providing Assurance on Results and Delivery

Canadians and their elected leaders expect their governments to take action, with a strong focus on results and delivery. Internal Auditors help to provide assurance to public sector leaders that their government organizations are poised to deliver...
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Anne Scotton

Addressing the Unique Challenges of Public Sector Internal Audit

Public sector internal audit functions operate in highly complex environments with demands from many stakeholders. Audit committees fulfill a critical role that must be established within the unique context of...
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Sharon Messerschmidt

Social Media Risk, Reputation & Redemption: What every professional needs to know

Social media is a dominant force in today’s world of connectedness. Its use is still growing in all parts of the world, and with that, risk is growing exponentially. Within...
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Nejolla Korris

Managing Risk and Ensuring Internal Audit Adds Value

Without effective risk assessment activities, the internal audit function has little assurance that its resources are effectively utilized.  Internal audit must ensure that it is linked to the organization’s strategy,...
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Elaine Dianko
Scott Page

Audit coverage of Governance, Risk Management, Internal Control and Organizational Change

This two part session will provide an overview of Internal Audit’s (IA) role and challenges in evaluating and reporting on Governance, Risk Management and Internal Controls (GRC), and organizational change...
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Rahim Jiwani
Sajid Rizvi

Goodbye, ERM – it’s time to go

The only way your child will truly grow up is when you kick him/her out of the house.  It needn’t necessarily be abrupt but, at some point, they simply must...
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Brian Link

Coordinating Across the Three Lines of Defense

Over the past three years, Cameco’s Internal Audit function has focused on identifying, assessing and partnering with 2nd line of defense assurance providers with the goal to provide a more...
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Lora Grandberg
David Helberg
Jill Johnston

Fraud Investigator vs Trusted Advisor: The Balancing Act

The future of  internal audit requires us to become more than just auditors but trusted advisors,  we need to understand and be cognizant of how to navigate stakeholder expectations by...
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Richard Arthurs
David Marks

Enterprise Risk Management

In today’s continued challenging and complex economic environment, a new era in the way organizations approach governance, risk identification, management and mitigation has begun. Organizations now recognize that risks are...
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Allen Amyotte
Maggie Kiel

Best practices – How to Incorporate Fraud Risk and Forensic Data Analytics into an Internal Audit and Vendor Audit Programs

The future for IA and forensic accounting practitioners will be revolutionized by ‘big data’ and how that data can be used to identify potential fraud risk and other risks (i.e....
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Jennifer Hookey
Matt Mura

Auditing Your Organization’s Risk Culture: The Next Frontier for Internal Audit

Regulators all over the world are increasingly focused on identifying and shaping the “risk culture” of organizations. Boards of directors are increasingly expected to oversee risk culture.  The IIA is...
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Tim J. Leech

All Hands on Deck: Managing a Multi-Generational and Wired Workforce

“Work hard and you will be rewarded”. “Respect those with seniority”. As the new breed of employee populates our companies, these business values are changing fast. Raised in a disposable,...
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Ann M. Butera

Relationships and Risk – Insights from Stakeholders in North America

The profession of internal auditing has been making great advancements in performance, positioning, and perception. The Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) stakeholder project confirms these advancements but also highlights opportunities...
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Ram Balakrishnan
Andrew Hayes

Governance Leadership through COSO (2013) Internal Control Framework

In 2013, COSO released its update to the original 1992 COSO Control Framework.  From the control environment, to risk assessment, to control activities, to information and communication, and finally to...
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Douglas Johnson
Eric Lau

Best Practices for Audit Committee Effectiveness

It is imperative that Internal Audit (IA) build an effective relationship with the Audit Committee (AC). BCLC’s journey to build a strong and corroborative relationship between IA and the AC...
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Gurmit Aujla
Cindy Kailly-Smith

Helping Your Organization Be More Innovative

Fifty years ago, a company on the S&P 500 would last over 50 years, today, they will be lucky to last 15 years.  Companies are scaling faster and failing faster...
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Kendra MacDonald

From Auditor to Chief Audit Executive: A Strategy for Success

Michael will discuss how participants will think about their future and the required skill sets and competencies to be successful in their careers as an Internal Auditor. Successful people are...
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Michael J. Fucilli

A Maritimer’s Journey to Living and Learning Global IA Leading Practices

Richard has recently helped complete the CPA Canada Document “20 Questions Directors should ask about Internal Audit”. Also in the last 3 years Richard has taught over 400 Canadian Corporate...
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Richard Arthurs

Navigating the New IIA Professional Practices Framework

At the 2015 International Conference in Vancouver, IIA Global launched major enhancements to the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF). The changes have a profound influence on our profession and set...
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Archie Thomas

How to make an Impact in Your Audits: Can You Really Find Millions of Dollars?

Auditors are constantly asked by their Audit Committees and their Boards, how do they add value? This session will show how we can make a positive impact to an organization,...
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Michael J. Fucilli

Auditing Smart Devices

According to some of the industry experts, the security and management of smart devices like iPads, iPhones and Android phones are quickly becoming the weakest link in most organizations.  The...
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Sajay Rai

Auditing Big Data

As organizations embark upon the use of big data and perform analysis on large volumes of data, the security and protection of the information is as important as the information...
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Sajay Rai

Data analytics and continuous auditing: Leveraging the organisation’s data management program to improve efficiency

In this session, the following topics will be covered: –   The Caisse, its business context and its Internal audit team –   Our existing continuous auditing program and how...
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Jean-François Willis

Managing Evolving Cyber Security Threats

Session description will be available soon.  
Darren Jones

The Cybersecurity Game – How Are You Playing?

We live in a world where conversations are held and relationships are built using social media.  We share our thoughts, experiences, and other personal information with our “friends” and contacts...
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Peter Yien

Cyber Security of the Supply Chain

With over 76% of all data breaches resulting from a third-party which introduced the security deficiencies that were ultimately exploited, it is critical that organizations understand this very important risk....
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Peter Morin

Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO): Fact, Fiction and my life as a convicted Felon

Increasingly, organizations are embracing outsourcing as an opportunity to thrive or survive during uncertain economic times.  The promise of enhanced service delivery, scalable workforce, and reduced operating costs continues to...
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James R. Murray

Auditing your Organization’s Cyber Security Posture in a Rapidly Changing World

Auditing an Organization’s Cyber Security Posture will be jointly presented by an internal audit (IA) specialist, an IT security professional and the City of Ottawa’s Deputy Auditor General (DAG).  The...
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Sonia Brennan
Darren Budd
Aron Feuer

Security and Privacy: A Practical Approach

The world has moved from one where information is centralized and shared on an “as needed’ basis to a restricted group of people to a scenario where information is “everywhere”...
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Chetan Gor